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Giving Isn’t Just About Giving

Most of us give to give. It’s part of our belief system, or we’re motivated by a cause or event. Look at the recent hurricanes which devastated large portions of our country. Everywhere we turned, there were campaigns and donate buttons populating our Google searches and social feeds. It’s beautiful to watch as a nation rallies around causes. It’s how we rebuild lives and spread hope.

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Rebuilding After Harvey

Over the past week we’ve watched our neighbors in Texas devastated by one of the worst storms in the state’s history. Today we’re launching Purposity’s first-ever disaster relief effort for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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It’s About Hope

Experts describe hope as an emotional state. Having hope strengthens a person’s coping ability against feelings like despair or hopelessness. Having higher levels of hope actually increase an individual’s problem-solving abilities. It allows a person to more effectively cope with the present because they look towards the future.

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You Spoke. We Listened.

You may have noticed a few (actually, quite a few) new options when visiting your Purposity page lately. A few months ago we launched personal profiles. Since then, we’ve been working hard to make sure users got exactly what they asked for. Here’s the list of our newest features, designed with you in mind.

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Inspiration Starts with You

Many of us are feeling a little lost lately, unsure where to turn to get away from the noise. It’s deafening. Our social media, once thought to be a mindless reprieve, can now be a source of paralyzing anxiety. We are at a point in our nation’s history where division may pose our greatest threat. It leaves us seeking inspiration, wondering, “Where do I turn?” and, “How do I make a difference?” We all want to be inspired to take action. But, with so much negativity, knowing where and how to start is almost as overwhelming as pulling up a Facebook feed.

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Why Generosity Feels So Good

There’s actually something called the paradox of generosity. Simply stated, it refers to the idea that by not caring for someone else, we end up not caring for ourselves. In fact, there’s a book about it aptly named The Generosity Paradox: Giving We Receive, Grasping We Lose (2014).

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