What is Purposity?
What if my payment won’t go through?
How does it work?
What kinds of needs will I receive?
Where does Purposity get these needs?
Why do you need my Zip Code?
What does Purposity cost me to use?
Is Purposity in my town?
Can I see the needs I've met?
Can I follow certain organizations?
I'm looking to do a story about Purposity. Who do I contact?


Who’s eligible to post needs?
What sort of details do I need to share?
Can I submit a need?
What types of needs can I post?
Can you get more specific on the types of needs you post?
What happens after I post a need?
What’s the process to get started?
What type of organizations are eligible?
How do I get followers?
I think I’m a good fit for Purposity. What do I do?