Purposity comes from the core belief that humanity finds purpose through generosity. Purposity.

Purposity isn't just a tool. It's a vision. It's seeing the world around you as it should be. It's the quest to connect neighbors and communities around purpose. It's you helping those around you.

Everywhere around us we see people in need. We also see people who want to help others but don’t know how. We connect those dots through the power of text messaging and social media.

As a group of social entrepreneurs, we wanted to make something that mattered from the very beginning. We envisioned a solution that anyone could navigate but sophisticated enough to solve complex social issues. To bring this to life, we asked ourselves, "Is it possible to create a legacy connecting organizations and individuals in a meaningful way, while unifying us all under the common quest for purpose?" Turns out, the answer is "yes." So, that's what we've set out to do, unite communities around purpose and lift up our friends and neighbors in need.

School systems and non-profits in local communities let us know needs in our area. We spread the word to individuals near them who are willing to help. They click a link, see the need, and make a difference for someone near them. It may be the family next door who lost their home in a fire or the child down the street you didn’t know needed school supplies.

It’s easy. It’s simple, and it takes just a few clicks to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s the fastest way to impact your community, one need at a time. Click here to start making a difference.

Want to reach out to us directly? Send us a message at hello@purposity.com.