Inspiration Starts with You
February 5, 2021

Inspiration Starts with You

Many of us are feeling a little lost lately, unsure where to turn to get away from the noise. It’s deafening. Our social media, once thought to be a mindless reprieve, can now be a source of paralyzing anxiety. We are at a point in our nation’s history where division may pose our greatest threat. It leaves us seeking inspiration, wondering, “Where do I turn?” and, “How do I make a difference?” We all want to be inspired to take action. But, with so much negativity, knowing where and how to start is almost as overwhelming as pulling up a Facebook feed.

This is something we’ve put a lot of thought into. Here’s where we’ve landed. You can’t change the world today. If it were that easy, it’d already be done. But, if we each start in our own communities, we’ll make a collective difference for tomorrow. We can give kids shoes, help rebuild family homes, and show compassion for those around us. We can show that communities united are stronger than those divided.

That’s kind of the idea behind where we started. While we’re bombarded with issue after issue, we often don’t hear the stories of those right down the street. People near you, need you. Trust us. They’re there, and you can change your corner of the world. You’ll see the difference. You’ll feel the impact. It will inspire you, uplift you, and bring you something transformational-meaning.

So, what’s your passion? Whatever it is, start harnessing it to make a difference. Go be the good you’re seeking. Be the one that transforms your community. And, instead of waiting for someone else to inspire you, go be the inspiration you’re seeking.

We’ll be here, cheering you on.

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