You Spoke. We Listened.
February 5, 2021

You Spoke. We Listened.

You may have noticed a few (actually, quite a few) new options when visiting your Purposity page lately. A few months ago we launched personal profiles. Since then, we’ve been working hard to make sure users got exactly what they asked for. Here’s the list of our newest features, designed with you in mind.

1. Personalize Your Profile.

You’re now in control of your profile. You can now upload a photo, decide if your profile is public or private, and share a bit more about yourself. If you haven’t created your profile yet, take a second to do so. It’s hanging out in the top right corner of your page. Here’s what you can do once you’ve got one.

2. Track Your Impact.

Users wanted to know how many needs they’ve met and the impact of their giving. This info now lives on your personal profile page. Get your grand totals in a glance. Your total number of needs and total dollar value are now front and center for you.

3. Relive What You Give.

You also asked for a way to read the stories of the lives you’ve impacted. On your personal profile page, you can relive the moments when you’ve met a need. The cards, along with all the stories of the needs you’ve fulfilled, now live on your profile. It’s a great way to get a boost of feel-good when you need it most.

4. Celebrate on Social.

Meeting a need feels great. Now you can celebrate on social and through email. We’ve integrated Twitter, Facebook and email into your personal profile. Even if it’s a few days later, and you’re feeling the need to share doing good, visit your personal profile and pick a need. When you share is up to you. Not only can you celebrate, social sharing is a great way to let others know about Purposity so they can start feeling the same joy you do. Oh, and feel free to tag us. We love celebrating with you. Also, we’ve been feeling a bit more social lately too, so we added all our accounts to the footer of our page.

5. Get Back to Amazon.

We do love Amazon, but we noticed users sometimes had difficulty completing purchases. You kept asking for a way back to the Amazon wishlist if you had an issue. Now when you click through to Amazon and something goes awry, there’s a way to navigate back and complete the checkout. And, only you can get there. Just visit your personal profile, click on the need, and hit the “View Need on Amazon” button. It’ll take you right back to the Amazon page for round two.

Other Ways We Listened.

Outside your personal profile, there’s a bunch of other stuff you wanted to be able to do. You had some amazing ideas that we’ve designed around.

6. Change Your List.

You might have started out on one community’s page but want to change to another. It happens. As we expand, more and more communities will be unlocked. We kept getting requests to change lists, so we figured it was time for you to take control. To update the needs you’re getting, visit your home page and click on “change lists”. It’ll redirect you to a page with all the lists currently on the site. Pick the one you want and start getting needs from that community.

7. See Your Community’s Stats.

Ever wonder how many needs your community’s met or the size of your Purposity community? It appears quite a few of you wanted to know. On your page, you’ll now see the number of needs fulfilled and the number of users in your community. It’s a great way to keep track of the overall impact in your town.

Stay Updated.

At this stage, feature updates are coming almost as quickly as needs are getting met, and that’s fast. We generally share them in real time on social. Get the latest news first by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Plus, these are great places to share in the joy of purpose through generosity.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts.

Have a great idea for a feature? Send us a DM, tag us in a post or shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you.

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