Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purposity?

Purposity is the belief that mankind finds purpose through generosity. We are a team dedicated to helping others find purpose and matching it with opportunities for generosity. To get to know us a little better, visit the Our Story page.

How does it work?

Once you create an account, you'll get one notification a week. Click the link, read the story, and decide if you'd like to help, right from your phone in just a few clicks. The price of the item is clearly displayed so you know exactly what you’re getting into. We'll take care of the shopping and shipping for you, making sure the exact item needed is shipped to our partner nonprofit. You'll get notifications updating you of your item's progress and when it arrives. If you're not in a community that currently has active needs, not to worry! We'll send you opportunities to do good from around the country until we launch your city.

What kinds of needs will I receive?

You might get anything from school supplies for a kiddo in foster care or a pair of shoes for a student experiencing homelessness, to small furniture items for a family who lost their home in a house fire. And, no matter your means, there's always something for you to do on Purposity as the average need is right around $30.

Where does Purposity get these needs?

Purposity works with local, high-integrity nonprofits. Our needs are generally from school social workers, case managers, and other vetted organizations. There is a submission and approval process to assure all needs meet our strict criteria and come from trusted sources.

Can I submit a Need?

Sure, once you're approved. If you run a nonprofit please feel free to fill our nonprofit interest form, but we only accept needs from verified nonprofits who have gone through our extensive vetting process. This is to maintain the integrity of our process and assure supporters all needs come from trusted nonprofits in their community with a history of strong organizational oversight.

How often will I receive a notification?

Once a week. We're keeping it simple. But, if you miss meeting a need and are really feeling the itch to help someone in your neighborhood, you can check back as often as you'd like.

How do I opt out of receiving the weekly text message?

We're definitely sorry to see you go, but we understand that sometimes circumstances change. Simply reply to our weekly text with the word "stop" to opt out of your community's weekly text.

Why do you need my Zip code?

Our core mission is building communities and zip codes are a great way to figure out what needs are near you. We need your zip code so we can make sure you’re getting notifications of needs in your area. If we're not in your community yet, zip codes are how we know where to head next.

What does Purposity cost me to use?

There's no overhead for you. In fact, 100% of your donation goes to meeting needs. If you choose to help someone in your community, the only cost is to purchase the item and ship it to the nonprofit or school. We have some really great local supporters who help out, so we can keep your money flowing where it’s needed most-building your community.

Is Purposity in my town?

Purposity originated in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently building communities around purpose through generosity throughout the U.S. We’re expanding quickly, so we may be headed your way soon. Check out the list of communities to see if your city is on our list of current and upcoming communities. Look for the ⚡️icon to know which cities are live.

Purposity hasn’t gotten to my town yet. What do I do?

By creating an account and entering your zip code here, you let us know that your town is interested in partnering with us. Then, tell all your friends and family to do the same thing. The more interest we see in an area, the more likely we are to bring our future expansion your way. Seriously, that's how we're expanding-communities are calling out to let us know they're interested. You're in the driver's seat. We keep a leaderboard of towns, and that's how we decide where we're headed.

I'm inspired and want to get involved. What can I do?

Once you get what we're doing, it's pretty contagious. You're going to want to sign up, and once you do, there's an option to let us know you'd like to take a bigger role in bringing purpose through generosity to your community. Also, feel free to send us fan mail or questions at It makes our day to hear from our supporters.

Can I see the needs I've met?

Absolutely. We house all the needs, along with the stories, on your profile page. There, you'll see the number of needs you've met, total dollar amounts and be able to relive everyone you've helped. Also, feel free to share it on social. We've got it all set to post for you.

I'm looking to do a story about Purposity. Who do I contact?

We're grateful anytime anyone wants to do a story. Press means we can bring Purposity to people all across the globe. So, we'd be happy to work with you on your story to make sure it's a great piece. We love talking about innovating good through technology, bringing purpose to people's lives, building communities, and share stories on how this movement is changing lives. Just shoot us an email here and we'll get you what you need.