Thank You 👕
January 20, 2023
Starting Friday morning with this note of gratitude from one of our organizers at Conroe Independent School District. Every need you meet makes a huge difference in someone’s life! “As a Social Services Liaison for Conroe ISD, I have been working with a single mom and her four children who had to move in a shelter. The family had to leave most of their belongings behind. The children were excited to be able to get some items that they could choose and are their style. Mom was very grateful that they were happy because she has not been able to buy them what they need. Thanks to Purposity, we have been able to fulfill some of the needs of these families who are already heartbroken from not having a home, but also, they are struggling to have basic needs such as clothes and food. Having new things make these children feel good and put a smile on their faces thanks to Purposity.”